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XwRemote is a multi-protocol client for remote systems connection.

As our systems get more diversified  more connection tools we need, and sometimes we just wish we could use just one. I know i did!

Main Features

• Multiple Protocol
     - Connects to RDP - Remote desktop protocol
     - Connects to SSH - Console over ssh
     - Connects to FTP - File transfer protocol
     - Internet Explorer to connect to Web Consoles
         Yes, its just a browser, but it makes it possible to connect to this Web Consoles (IE: Routers, Printer) using the same client as the other protocols.

• Tabs, for easy navigation
• Saves passwords for auto-login

• On the FTP, pinned folders let you "bookmark" the ones that you use the most
• On the FTP, linked folders let you specify a pair "Local<->Remote", so that when you navigate to one of them, the other navigate automatically. 

Important Notes

Some of you will no doubt say that it has few settings, i can agree, but since the idea is to keep it simple instead of cluttering the interface with options and more options, many useful things got left out.

And here is where you come in... propose new features using the support tickets, and we will all use the "Feature poll" to decide what gets in first.

Nonetheless there may be features that get in directly if they are too obvious.


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